Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

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Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

The only full spectrum hemp oil thats water soluble and made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds. Most feel the effects in under 30 seconds, and you would have to take 5000mg of a regular CBD rich hemp oil to get effects of our 250mg. Its also loaded with some of natures most powerful super foods like moringa, and acerola cherry. And because we love the earth; its label and reusable tube are eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Super CBD:

Helps with anxiety, all kinds of pain acute and chronic, fibromyalgia, PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, MS, lupus, crohns, restless leg syndrome, asthma, inflammation, sleep issues, Parkinson’s, addictions, digestive problems, Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes, concussions, glaucoma, flu and colds, diabetes, OCD, schizophrenia, ADHD, bipolar, low libido, menstrual cramps, PMS, panic attacks, immune system, disorders, nausea.

Eye sight, immune system, reproductive system, emotional system, digestive system, muscular skeletal systems, nervous systems, lymphatic systems, endocrine systems, elimination systems, brain function, memory, ease and calm, happy moods. It does this by supporting the endocannabinoid system whose function is to regulate our bodies homeostasis for all systems. Homeostasis is when all parts are working the way they are meant to and in balance with each other.


Fast-Acting Water Soluble Super CBD – Organic

250 MG of CBD in each bottle | 1 FL OZ | 30 ML

How to Use:

STEP ONE  – Put and hold one 1/4 dropper under your tongue and notice how it tastes. Continue putting 1/4 droppers in, until the bitter taste becomes almost 100% sweet like honey.

STEP TWO – Next, drop one drop at a time until it tastes 100% sweet like honey then stop. (If everywhere except the back sides of the tongue is sweet, stop).

STEP THREE – You have now taken the perfect dosage for you body for that day. If after five minutes you still desire additional effects, then repeat steps 1-3.


Because of our bioavailability, our product us at least 20 times more potent than regular CBD. Do not exceed 8 droppers in a day unless directed by your health practitioner.

Optimal Dosage
CBD has an inverse effect, which means you’ll become more sensitive to the CBD effects as use continues, and you will need less for the same results. After 1 week of usage, you can start at step 2. CBD has multiple curves of efficacy— the ability to produce a desired or intended result. The optimal dose is balanced in the middle of the curve.

For each sequential sweet tasting dosage peak, the higher you go within the optimal dosage range, the more systems it will balance. It will change from bitter to sweet when you go up and down the curves of efficacy, you always want to end when it tastes sweet, and not when it tastes bitter.

Most users find that 2-3 droppers is their optimal dosage range at the beginning.

Please also note that CBD can act like grapefruit in regards to interacting with some prescription medications.


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  1. GRC-staci1 (verified owner)

    I liked this Elixir and mostly due to the very natural flavor. It is no guessing this is natural and I feel it helps with inflammation especially when my sinuses can no longer be helped by saline rinses, Rx nasal sprays and allergy meds. A few drops under my tongue in the morning and the sinus pressure in my face is slightly reduced enough to avoid some sinus headaches and migraines. I can tell if I miss a day, and do not like feeling stopped up.

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