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They worked alongside leading veterinarians and CBD experts to design a delicious, chewy treat that is also beneficial for your pet’s wellbeing. HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts are artisanally-baked, CBD-infused treats formulated specifically with your pet in mind. These treats feature natural bacon, apple, and cinnamon ingredients and are made free of corn, wheat, and soy for a delicious soft treat your pet will love. Each treat provides 4 mg of CBD for a tasty daily-use supplement designed to help promote overall wellness, including cardiovascular function, support of healthy joints, improved neurological health and emotional behavior, and more through its interaction with your pet’s endocannabinoid system.

Recommended Usage:

1-2 Chews per day for Small Pets (20 lbs and smaller)
2-3 Chews per day for Medium Pets (20 lbs – 30 lbs)
3-4 Chews per day for Large Pets (30+ lbs)

Product Info on Packaging:

Our sustainably sourced CBD oil in Non-GMO cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and is extracted from the hemp plant without using harsh solvents. Through our Triple Lab Testing process we analyze our CBD at three different points of the manufacturing process ensuring the highest quality oil, cannabidinoid content, and absence of contaminants.

Our hemp derived CBD provides recommended support for cardiovascular function, promotes neurological health & emotional behavior, and supports the joints & hips of your furry loved ones. CBD is ideal for animals exhibiting stress, anxiety, and those responding to environmental stresses.


Product Facts


Active Ingredients: 

4mg of Hemp Derived CBD Oil

155mg of Cinnamon


Inactive Ingredients:

Apples, Molasses, Flax Seed, Tapioca, Coconut, Glycerin, Natural Bacon Flavor, Vanilla, Hemp Oil, Cinnamon


Animal Use Only



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